Willie Cyrus

Willie Cyrus  1930-2015

At age 23, Willie Cyrus moved to Kansas City in 1953 where he became a promoter and club owner of the Town Hall Ballroom located at 4011 Troost.  He promoted and worked with acts such as The Dramatics, The Dell’s, The Chi-Lites, Bobby Womack and Little Milton and witnessed the rise of

Promoter: Willie Cyrus

Willie Cyrus

countless other artists’ careers.

Willie Cyrus change the way music was presented in Kansas City, turning concerts into events.  He was also the first person to host concerts at the Royals Stadium, booking acts such as Earth, Wind &Fire and Parliament.

In 1959 Cyrus revived the Thanksgiving Blues Breakfast Dance, a tradition in Kansas City’s African American community dating back to the ‘30s.