Julia Lee

Julia Lee 1902-1958

A stellar vocalist and pianist, Lee was a Kansas City legend who performed with Bennie Moten’s orchestra prior to her solo career.  She first recorded on the Merritt record label in 1927 and signed on with Capitol in 1944.

Performer: Julia Lee

Julia Lee

She had a string of hits in the late 40’s, including “Snatch and Grab It”,  “King Size Papa” ,  “I Didn’t Like It The First Time (The Spinach Song)” and “My Man Stands Out”.

Julia Lee’s double-entendre songs and rocking piano made her a major attraction in Kansas City.   Jazz greats would seek her out when visiting the area.

Although her hits dried up after 1949, she continued as one of the most popular performers in Kansas City and was active up until her death in 1958.