Jim Jackson’s “Kansas City Blues”

Song or Album

Jim Jackson’s Kansas City Blues, Part 1 & 2

(Vocalion Records)  1927

Composed and performed by Jim Jackson

Song or Album: Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues

Song or Album:
Jim Jackson’s Kansas City Blues

Apparently, Jim Jackson had introduced “Kansas City Blues” to “many potential record buyers before the record was issued” on the medicine show circuit in the Southern states.

This song was one of the first and biggest race hits, rumored to have sold a million copies, making it perhaps the first record ever to do so. It was covered many times over the decades by Joe Williams, Walter Horton, Robert Nighthawk and more.

The song contains the line “It takes a rocking chair to rock, a rubber ball to roll…”, and is mentioned as one of the candidates to the First rock and roll record.